Comprehensive Move Planning & Scheduling

We speak the Languages of the world.

The world is getting smaller, but that doesn’t make international shipping of heavy plant equipment any less challenging. In addition to our global experience, we have established an invaluable network of worldwide personal contacts and streamlined organizational procedures. By assuring that all correct permits are obtained and documents are in order, we help you eliminate costly delays and bureaucratic snags. The attention we give to every administrative detail of your move assures you get the fastest, smoothest relocation possible.

Having the best answers starts with asking the right questions.

In a move like yours, comprehensive and disciplined planning is everything. We know all the important questions to ask. In fact, we usually ask some you may not have even considered. These questions come from over 20 years experience in handling hundreds of projects of every imaginable size, description, and circumstance.

We’re also experts at keeping your downtime to a minimum. We’ll work 24-hours a day, 7-days a week if that’s what it takes to meet your deadline. And we’ll do it while maintaining our remarkable safety record for both personnel and equipment.

Our planning phase is designed to tell us everything we need to know to make your move efficient, safe and successful. That’s a secure feeling for all of us.

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