AKIC Masters Turnkey Move

Master of Turn-key Plant Relocation

Whether you need to move heavy equipment across the room, the continent or the ocean, AK Industrial Contractors is your complete turnkey partner. Our highly specialized teams not only plan and complete the job, we take responsibility for the Care of Custody of your total project. This means that from start to finish, we are the only contractors your plant manager or plant engineer needs to contact.

Your people stay productive until the last possible moment. When it’s time, they walk away, we do our job, and they return to the fully functioning plant — often with equipment that is running better than it was before.

The importance of our turnkey capability cannot be overstated. It centralizes thousands of details and responsibilities into a single convenient, accountable source — with one supervisor you may call, day or night, with any questions or concerns you may have. In short, our total support not only saves your company time, effort and money, it gives something even more precious . . . peace of mind.

Making the Grade

ISN was established in 2001 and is the global leader on contractor & supplier management. They support more than 500 hiring clients in capitol intensive industries to help merge more than 60,000 contractors & suppliers with operations in more than 85 countries.

AK Industrial became a member of ISN in 2015 due to the increased requirement of potential clients. Not knowing, in the beginning, all the benefits of joining such a multi – service operation would be such an asset to our corporation and it has definitely been an incredible tool linking us, the contractor or the clients.

AK has been very successful in maintaining a grade A across the board and has met all of the requirements, training, and requests of the hiring clients.

Leaders in Industry

Leaders in the Industry

With years of relocation and rigging experience, we have served customers in more than 350 major turn-key projects throughout the United States, Mexico, Europe, Canada, and other countries from around the world.

In addition, AKIC has the unique position of being not only one of the leading U.S. companies in the Plant Relocations and Equipment Installation market but is also strategically located in Mexico to provide continuous custody and control for moves across the Mexico border.

Safety Professionals

AK has kept an excellent record and score with OSHA, averaging about a .75 rating each year. We make safety one of our top priorities, with our training expectations and goals we provide the safest environment for your next move.

Our Safety specialists perform regularly on the job and off site training, audits with everyone ensuring all our safety standards are met and exceeded. By requiring thorough safety practices, we reduce the company’s insurance costs, which can pass on to it’s customers.