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AK began in the fall of 1981 with the task of relocating a finishing system from Mississippi to central Arkansas. Quickly we found ourselves in the foundry business, relocating dozens of foundries to Mexico, South America, and China. From our humble beginnings we have found the favor of manufacturers, equipment OEMs, site selection firms, and various partners. AK has a strong reputation for equipment installation and plant relocation services within the United States.

After relocating a brass foundry to Mexico in the 90’s, we opened our first branch in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, to take advantage of the business generated by the free trade agreement between Mexico and Canada. That decision to open the Mexico operations has been invaluable for clients who need assistance with across-the-border moves. In 2022 we celebrated 25 years of having a presence in Mexico.

“We see our employees as world class relocation experts and we will continue to strive for that achievement in the future,” says Jay Sorrows, VP & General Manager for AK.

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Mike Arnett


Jay Sorrows

Vice President & General Manager

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For Over 4 Decades

AK Industrial Contractors, Inc. is a company built on respect and trust. For over 41 years, we have been providing the best service in plant relocation & equipment installation for major manufacturers across the nation and beyond – it’s what makes us so successful!